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About the Summit

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The UT Libraries Information Literacy Summit:

Building a Vertical Team to Support the High School-to-College Transition

Funded by the UT Libraries and facilitated by the Library Instruction Services department, this summit brings together high school and university librarians in order to discuss common observations about our students information literacy skills. From these dialogues, we hope to solidify partnerships collaborate to better assist our students with the transition from high school to college.


Purpose of the Summit

  • To collaborate with high school librarians from selected Texas high schools in order to share expertise.
  • Initiate a culture of conversation and dialog with the librarians who know many of our future students best. 
  • Infuse curriculum change from within, with specific focus on information literacy skills.


Goals for the Summit

  • Identify overlapping and scaffolding of information literacy skills across high school and college (integrating AASL, ACRL, STARR and THEBC College Readiness standards).
  • Share resources, research, tips, and talking points to facilitate integration of information literacy into the classroom.
  • Create a learning community between Texas high school and academic librarians. 



List of attendees.pdf


Contact: Cindy Fisher, First-year Experience Librarian in Library Instruction Services -- cindyf@austin.utexas.edu 

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