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Materials and Worksheets

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These are the materials and handouts used during the Summit large and small group discussion. They are blank files to be used for your own use to remix and adapt. Feel free to share!  


All documents are also shared in the IL Summit Google Folder


  • Powerpoint: includes guiding questions and a link to the video we watched of college faculty research expectations.
  • Video:  this is the 7 minute video about UT Faculty expectations and experiences with their first-year student's research skills.
  • Syllabi: the four somewhat redacted syllabi used to facilitate discussion (used in conjunction with Worksheet #1)
    • Four PDF syllabi  -- ILSummitsyllabi.zip
    • Publicly available syllabi for all UT courses -- link
      • To see first-year interdisciplinary classes, select UGS-Undergraduate Studies from the Department field; you can then limit by semester in the box previous.     
        • Fall 2012 UGS course syllabi -- link
        • Spring 2013 UGS course syllabi  -- link

  • Worksheets: along with the powerpoint, these worksheets guided our discussion and activities
    • Worksheet #1: used alongside a "real life" first-year student syllabi -- Worksheet1.docx
    • Worksheet #2: informed by the competancies addressed in Owen's Transitions Checklist -- Worksheet2.docx
    • Worksheet #3: informed by the previous worksheets and discussions addressing a particular Transitions competency -- Worksheet3.docx


Note: An annotated schedule of all of the day's events in the order that we progressed is available on the The Product of Our Work page. It includes links to all of the same files above, but includes the responses to our large and small group discussions. 

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